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Work and Travel


Work and Travel is an educational program designed for students who want to combine the work experience with exploration of the US. This is possible due to many vacancies that appear within American companies during the summer months. Every participant of this program obtains the J-1 visa and can apply for a legal job in the USA for the period from June to the mid-October. Please do not forget your stay in America cannot be longer than 4 months.   


Beside being legally employed in the USA and having financial benefits,  there is a  tremendous possibility to travel for 30 days after your contract is over. Each individual who  makes a decision to participate in the Work and Travel Program should realize that according to the Immigration law, you can work only four months. After that period , it is illegal and lead to serious consequences.

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ICES EUROPE as an organization highly recommends this way of spending summer holidays. We recruit students from all over the Europe. This offer is also a wonderful opportunity to make friends from different  European countries which is difficult while your staying in Poland.   


Work and Travel program allows students to familiarize with the way  of working in an American company. The knowledge of their methods of management and the experience you will get, may help you in  future career. You, also, give chance to your employers and colleagues to know your culture and customs. You can strike up many relationships, which may last for a lifetime.

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J-1 is a non-emigrant visa issued for students who want to take part in the international exchange programs and can only be obtained through the sponsoring organizations, approved by the US Government. You are allowed to work, study, serve one's apprenticeship, lecture - depending on the program that they participate in- during your stay. After that period you are  given  extra 30 days  to stay ii the US. How you will spend this time, depends on you. This is a multiply visa that gives you the right to visit Mexico and easily comeback, before the expiration of DS-2019.


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Every participant of work and travel program can choose one of the options:

1th Option: Company Placed

Most of the offered jobs are located in the tourist areas (amusement parks, casinos, hotels)- wherever seasonal workers are needed. The range of duties for all participants, no matter what country they come from, is totally the same. You usually work for 40 hours per week If you want, you work overtime and then you earn about 10- 12 $ per hour. It is also possible to work in two different places. Your salary depends on you and your engagement. The most common positions  are:

  • Waiter/waitress
  • Lift Operator
  • Cashier
  • Maintenance staff
  • Food service
  • Customer Service
  • Security
  • Housekeeping
  • Hotel Administration
  • Card dealer
  • Slot operator
  • Vallet
  • Buss Person
  • Hostess
  • Front Desk

2nd Option: Self Arranged

Each participant who is able to find his/her own employer in the US can also be enrolled into the program. It is essential to remember that this option is mostly for well- organized and energetic people who are not afraid of looking for a job in the USA on their own.  


Self-arranged option requires each participant to deliver the job confirmation from the US employer on the appropriate sheet. US sponsoring organization checks if you are really employed and it also verifies your student's status. The sponsoring organization has a right to deny the job offer if it does not suit the regulations of the program or when the employer is not able to confirm the status of the student.

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The participant should:

  • be between 19-28 ( full- time, extramural  or non-resident student; post graduate  and Ph.D. students are also accepted) 
  • have a good command of English
  • have the valid passport at least until May 2007

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Duration of the program depends on the preferences of the employer and the employee. Program begins in June and lasts for the period of 4 months. After that, you can stay in America 30 more days, but without a right to work and  extend the duration of the visa.

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ICES Partners should be responsible for reservation of plane tickets for the participants of the programs, because of the different departure dates, job locations and meeting with the consuls of American embassy . Every participant indicates potential departure and arrival dates. Prices of the tickets do not exceed the IATA tariffs.

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Each participant is insured for the whole period of staying in USA. It includes health insurance and accident insurance. The dates are indicated in the visa application sheet. Please remember to extend the insurance before your visa  expires. The insurance policy includes all necessary information.

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Students find accommodation on their own but sometimes the employer assists our participants or even provides accommodation for them. Costs  may be different  and usually depend on a local situation. The average rent is $200-300 per month per person. The standard of such accommodation is rather high. In most cases it is a 3-roomed condo with an air-conditioning system suited for 5 persons. We provide assistance for our participants in finding the right accommodation in a short distance from your work.

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When the contract is over, the participants can travel around the US alone or with new friends. We suggest surfing the Internet in search of information what is worth seeing and how to prepare yourself for such a trip or how to rent a car to get to the place of destination. You can also find companies that will let you drive the car from one city to another, just to transport it to the owner. There are plenty of places worth visiting and everybody can find something interesting. You must remember that there are climate differences around the US. But what you experience will stay in your memory for a long time. Sometimes students travel to Mexico because J-1 visa allows them to cross the boarder legally. It is up to you to figure out how to spent this time.

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