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The School Year in the USA


Over the last 20 years,  thousands of students from all over the world  have participated in  numerous programs organized by American sponsor organizations. Their offer is available in more than 40 countries. Intentional students may take advantage of the high quality services. Sponsor organizations specialize in educational programs for people of 15-18 years  as well as for students. Their personnel consists of experienced individuals ready to assist and support our participants.


ICES is one of the most acclaimed sponsor companies located in the US. As a non- profit organization they are responsible for the educational exchange of the international students form all over the world. Years of  business activity and experience granted ICES the recognition and approval among public institutions and numerous American schools.

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J-1 is a non-emigration visa issued for students who want to participate in the international exchange programs and can only be obtained through the sponsoring organizations, which are approved by the US Government. Holder of this visa is allowed to work, study, serve one's apprenticeship, lecture or delve – depending on the program that they participate in- during the particular period. Visa J-1 allows you to work in the USA for a period of 4 months. After that period the participant is given an additional 30 days to stay in the USA. During that time you can visit all places in all states, it is your choice. This  is a multiply visa which means that you can visit Mexico or Canada and easily comeback, before the expiration of DS-2019.

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Academic year in the USA is  oriented  for young people between 15 and 18 years of age. Learning English is not the only purpose of the exchange. This program allows youths to spend some time with their peers and familiarize  themselves with different habits and culture. Every participant is provided with necessary documentation and needs to pass English exam. Medical documentation of the student and the educational history document (transcript) approved by the teacher are also obligatory. When the terms and regulations of the program are accepted, the contract between the organization and the student is signed.


  • age between 15-18,5 years
  • good command of English
  • fulfill the application form
  • providing the reference letter from the head teacher
  • providing 6 photos (visa format) and 4 ordinary photos
  • health certificate
  • follow the terms and conditions of the program
  • valid passport for the period of 6 months after the end of the program
  • handing in all necessary documents in following terms
    • Winter Term: before September 1, 2007

    • Spring Term: before April 1, 2007    

       After this terms all applications are considered separately  

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American school differs from the Polish one. Emphasis is put on expanding and developing practical skills rather than memorizing things. Students choose subjects they are interested in. They aren’t forced to participate the lesson they  don’t want.  Beside regular classes you can attend various clubs and additional classes such as computer classes, music or journalistic training.  


If you are keen on sports and physical activities you can join sports clubs and train under supervision of a professional coach. In every case, the general medical examination is required. Participating in clubs helps you to befriend American kids even well! 


The beginning of the school  year in American school is different and depends on the state or region. In most states, it starts in late August or in the first week of September and it finishes in  May or June. Our program offers its participants a few options of enrollment:

  • Fall semester
  • Spring semester 
  • All year long option

The participants can receive a term (semester) or yearly certificate. We are not responsible for  marks achieved by individual students- you are the only one who decides about your own accomplishments.

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Our participants have their own local co coordinator to help and assist them. Such person is responsible for quick and eager actions in emergency cases or conflicts that can occur in host families. Coordinator is also obliged to write a monthly report about participant's educational progress and relationships with host family members. Please note that the coordinators work as volunteers usually in the evenings after long day of studying or working.

In cases when a participant wants to extend his/hers stay in the US, the admission fee for the next semester is 700 dolars plus insurance (it is not possible to extend your stay on one year option). Please note that you have add the cost of the pocket money for the participants to the cost of the program. The pocket money is usually 200-250 USD and is necessary for books school trips and personal needs.

If you have any questions about payments or program itself, please feel free to contact our office or one of our representatives. You can also fill the online form or send us a message. Our personnel will contact you as soon as possible.

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Host families do not receive any money, they are doing this because they want to explore different cultures and familiarize with people from overseas countries. Their main task  is to provide you with food and accommodation. During your stay, you will become a family member, you will take an active part in every day activities, and you will celebrate with them or even travel. Before we choose a perfect family for our participants, we ask about their preferences.

Remember that the majority of immigrants  living  in America today was  born there.

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Our participants are picked up from the airport in United States by the representatives of the sponsor organization. To make things easier we offer is assistance with booking and buying air tickets for groups. By doing so, we are able to coordinate your trip entirely. During the stay in the US, our participants have full medical and health insurance. This insurance covers all costs of medical treatments, personal injuries and damages of  property.



Do you want to see how American high school looks like?

Do not wait, join us and experience the difference!

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