Why go with ICES?

Professional team. Professional client service.

Our work is based on two basic rules. First of all efficiency and professionalism in customer service. Every applicant is treated in a friendly and open way so that all travel arrangements are the first nice experience. Second of all is our personal commitment to every applicant which allows us to know you and your qualifications much better.

Full service

You can be sure that ICES team will assist you in the preparations to arrival. We will take care about all visa process, including apply for DS 2019 form, J-1 Visa, airplane tickets etc.

In ICES Team work former participants of Work & Travel programs. Thanks to this, they have the experience and knowledge you need to know before you go. We are here to convince you of alternative way to spend your holiday. And the best prize for us  is the postcard from the Grand Canyon from our satisfied and happy applicant.

My employer or ICES employer – that is the question?

ICES gives you a chance to choose one program option: self arrange and company placed. It means that you can try to find your own employer (self) or choose one from our job list.

What ICES offers you:

  • Professional client service
  • Well-trained ICES team who knows everything about Work & Travel program
  • Choice between self arrange and company placed option
  • Well-known and trustworthy employers
  • Full service which provide DS 2019 form and J-1 visa
  • Job fair with American employers
  • Orientation meeting with all necessary documents
  • Flight to and from USA