Work & Travel USA Participant Homepage

Work & Travel program was created as a response to young people who want to try living and working in the US. The rules of the program say that each student can work legally no longer than 4 months. After this time he is allowed to travel through the US during next 30 days. Participation in this program makes a chance to discover American way of living not as a tourist. Also they will bring to their work place tradition and culture of their home country.

Who can participate in Work & Travel Program?

  • People between the ages of 19 and 28
  • University students
  • Students with at least communicative level of English

What ICES offers you:

  • Professional client service
  • Well-trained ICES team who knows everything about Work & Travel program
  • Choice between self arrange and company placed option
  • Well-known and trustworthy employers
  • Full service which provide DS 2019 form and J-1 visa
  • Job fair with American employers
  • Orientation meeting with all necessary documents
  • Flight to and from USA