How to apply?    

To participate in our programs every aplicant must to fill out our online aplication form depends on program, sign terms and condition to the program and provide any necessary documents which the program requires, pass the qualification test

    Aplicants applying for our programs selects three job categories in their application where they would prefer to work. We will send to the employer Placement Confirmation Form for each student who selects the category matching your position. You can offer a job to the student by replying to us. You can also choose to contact us for more information or to set up an interview with aplicant.

    Once you have made the decision to offer a position to a particular aplicant, we are going to send same Placement Letter to be signed by aplicant. The aplicant will be informed by to obtain a visa ( if necessary) and arranged their trip to the employer.

    It is that simple! If you have ever tried to hire international youth before, you will be amazed by the difference the ICES can make. We work hard to make our cooperators happy, becasue we want our clients feel confortable and fact that they use service of trustworthy organisation.

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