Give yourself a chance to meet your future employees. Pick the best students for your.

ICES Europe make you possibility to make individual interview with students who are interested in your job offer. This is also great opportunity to promote your company in Europe as also the visit new places.

The Recruitment fairs include:

  • Airfares
  • Accommodation in Hotel
  • Transport from and to the Airport
  • Visiting famous cities

Cost of Participation:

FREE If you hire 60 and more ICES students

$1700 If you hire 50-59 ICES students

$2700 If you hire 30-49 ICES students

$3700 If you hire 20-29 ICES students

$4900 If you hire 15-19 ICES students

$6200 If you hire 14 or less

Advantages of participating in the ICES Work & Travel USA Recruitment Fair?

  • Free trip to Europe if employer would like to hire at least 60 ICES students
  • ICES has almost 10 year o experience in organizing Exchange Programs
  • Well selected students who fits to your expectations
  • ICES Manager assistance
  • Knowledge of country where job air take place – ICES can make an opportunity not only for job interview but also to see new places