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Work & Travel program  is a chance for American employer to satisfy seasonal employment needs. Each year lots of students from different part of the world come to US on a J-1 visa. This program creates a possibility to live and work in the USA, to know better American culture and lifestyle. Preferences of our employers regarding international students are very important. We want both of them to be satisfied. All students are carefully match with employer respecting their language skills and work experience.

ICES–Europe organizes program on three continents: Europe, Asia and South America. Participants are able to work up to 4 months. The students from each part of the world has university’s vacation in different period of year so it means that ICES –Europe organize Work & Travel program all year round.

Europe September
South America December – March
Asia March - June

All of our students can easily work on different positions, like:

Food server Cashier Ride Operator
Busser Reservation Agent Dishwasher
Food runner Housekeeping Maintenance
Front desk Security Kitchen help

Getting permission for international students to work in the U.S. is not as difficult as many employers think. Most international students are in the U.S. on non-immigrant student visas (J-1), and these international students are eligible to accept employment under certain conditions. The visa can only be obtained through sponsoring organizations approved by the US Government. ICES is our sponsoring organization of the program. As an employer, this program offers you an opportunity not only to meet seasonal demands, but also to diversify your workplace and to engage in a rewarding enterprise of intercultural exchange.