ICES EUROPE is more than a normal educational project. It is an innovative project created to open borders and make the world a better place for everyone. Only with us you will experience so unforgettable moments, you will travel to most interesting places around America and you will have the opportunity to lead an everyday life in another country. Thanks to our unique and well prepared network of local agents and representatives, we can recruit pupils and students from all over Europe and Asia. Our main goal is to satisfy the needs of those, who are willing to gain new abilities while learning or working abroad. We don't limit ourselves to one task, we support our participants in every step of their journey. Our programs offer the unrepeatable opportunity to combine the pleasure with practice, to experience the diversity of cultures and beauty of the surrounding world.


ICES is a non-profit organization dedicated to promote a peaceful world by increase of international awareness and understanding cultural differences. As the global community we live in, becomes more and more  interdependent and subject to change, the young people will face numerous challenges. We believe the foreign exchange will help them to discover new opportunities and achieve theirs goals.   

ICES offers young people the adventure of a lifetime - the opportunity to discover themselves by discovering others. Through the process of learning new languages and exploring other countries and cultures, ICES students develop a lifelong love to acquiring knowledge.

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At the very beggining YOUTH EXCHANGE CENTER was a student society. But we have always wanted to develop ourselves. We’ve joined to various sport and mountain associations. Now we specialize in providing our clients with educational programs, work experience abroad programs, as well as professional trainings for other companies and even extreme sport expeditions around the globe (More Than Explore).

YOUTH EXCHANGE CENTER is a dynamic and rapidly growing company which specializes is organizing foreign apprenticeship and work experience projects. We operate in a number of Eastern Europe countries where - alongside with our Partners - we popularize the idea of cultural exchange in the forum of programs such as Work & Travel USA and Academic Year USA and Work Experience Programs in Europe. Our main goal is to open the borders for young people and bring them closer to the world of adventure.